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Friday, January 9, 2009

Important Dates for the Coming Week!

Help Students, Staff, and Faculty Together poster for the week's coming events, including the Thursday forum and Tuesday's SGA resolution for a budget-cut, layoff moratorium. Meet 3 pm Sunday in the lobby of Lafayette (near vending machines). Bring tape and staplers; we'll have the posters!

And spread the word for

*Monday: Students, Staff, and Faculty Together planning meeting, 5-6:30 pm, MLK Lounge, Billings, followed by the Student Labor Action Project emergency meeting for students to prepare and mobilize for the week, 8 pm, Billings North Lounge.

*Tuesday: Student Government Association meeting, which will both host a Q&A session for students with President Fogel on the budget deficit and planned cuts and take up a resolution for a moratorium on cuts and layoffs. Be there with your questions and arguments for President Fogel and to support the moratorium!

*Thursday: Students, Staff, and Faculty Together sponsor "Budget Cuts and Layoffs at UVM? Causes, Consequences, Alternatives," 6:30 pm, Sugar Maple Ballroom, Davis. Let's fill the ballroom with the campus community so we can get informed about - and organize against - the administration's plans to expand the student body while cutting faculty and staff.

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