Fighting the downsizing of education at the University of Vermont.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Press conference this morning, rally and march tomorrow!

Don't Downsize Education at UVM Press Conference
11:30-12:30, Memorial Lounge, Waterman
Join United Academics, the union representing most faculty at UVM, to send the message that the administration's plans to add 600 additional students by 2012 and boost class sizes while eliminating professor positions and laying off faculty and staff pose a grave threat to UVM's specialness and value. There are alternatives--including slowing the pace by which the accumulated deficit under Fogel is addressed and downsizing his administration, which grew sevenfold in six years--to downsizing students' education.

Stop the Budget Cuts, Stop the Layoffs,
Stop the Tuition Hikes, End Large Class Sizes!

Rally and Demonstration at the Board of Trustee Meeting
Friday, February 6th, at 12noon in the Atrium of the Davis
March to McCauley Hall, Trinity Campus, leaves from Davis by 12:45

Amidst a national economic downturn, UVM administrators have decided to take the opportunity to drastically overhaul and undermine the University
and our educations. With their plans to increase the incoming freshman size by another 300 student into already overcrowded dorms, increase our tuition by 6% and ruthlessly layoff over a hundred of our lectures, professors, faculty and staff, they're balancing the budget on our collective backs.

We must tell the Board of Trustees that we will not allow them destroy our education, that there are alternatives to this slash and burn shock doctrine and "tightening of our belts." Tap the endowment and if cuts must be made make them from the top, from the administration, not from those who make this University worth going to.

Join Students Stand Up for Friday's rally in the Davis Center. Have class until 12:35? Join the march to McCauley Hall to "welcome" trustees as they tour the planned renovation for (ware)housing additional students.

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