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Monday, March 23, 2009

At the Ira Allen Chapel forum earlier this month, President Fogel defended his UVM compensation package, arguing that he is actually underpaid relative to other university presidents. Not according to the New England Board of Higher Education, Winter 2009:

Total compensation for Presidents of New England Public Land Grant Universities 07-08:

U Conn: Michael J. Hogan $610,000 (28,500 students or $21/student)
UVM: Daniel M. Fogel $417,410 (12,800 students or $33/student)
UNH: Mark W. Huddleston $381,870 (12,315 students or $31/student)
UMass: Thomas Cole Jr. $367,500 (26,359 students or $14/student)
URI: Robert L. Carothers $242,319 (15,000 students or $16/student)
UMaine: Robert A. Kennedy $230,405 (11,912 students or $19.34/student)


  1. If I remember correctly, Fogel said his salary ranked 93rd out of 151 for all public research and doctoral universities.

    Perhaps you are right though; maybe public universities in New England are a better basis for comparison.

    Nonetheless, UVM's top administrators have, in fact, frozen their own pay. Meanwhile, UVM's professors will continue to rake in pay raises for the next three years.

    The average full professor at UVM, not including medical faculty, earns a base salary of $104, 978 to teach nine months a year. The base salary does not, of course, include the generous benefits package. The faculty at U-Mass Amherst have agreed to a pay freeze to help their university. Not so at UVM. Just more raises.

    Nancy's own salary has increased by 89.6 percent since the 2002-03 academic year. She will continue to get pay increases for the next three years. Doesn't it seem like a little introspection might be in order?

  2. To be clear, the primary source of the presidential compensation data cited in the uvmssft blog of March 23 is the national Chronicle of Higher Education. The New England Journal of Higher Education reported on the annual Chronicle survey. To be fair, the university CEO salaries are a lot higher than those of profs, but a lot lower than those of many corporate CEOs and of big-time college coaches.

  3. Matthias, I like your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


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