Fighting the downsizing of education at the University of Vermont.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speak-Out Against Layoffs Tomorrow!

Join UVM Faculty for a
12:30-1:30 pm
Sponsored by UVM United Academics

The campus has heard President Fogel claim

* the layoffs and hour reductions could not be avoided
* nonrenewals of lecturers are routine and, with the elimination of vacant professor positions, bring the colleges into line with
"agreed-upon" student/faculty ratio targets
* the bonuses he and his executives received were for extra responsibilities

Now the campus needs to hear from faculty. United Academics, the union representing most faculty at the University of Vermont, invite staff and students to join faculty for a speak-out on the steps of Bailey-Howe, Wednesday, March 4, 12:30-1:30 pm.

* How many lecturers--full and part-time--have been laid off? How many vacant positions are being eliminated? How many of our programs have lost vital staff?
*What will these lost jobs mean for our personal lives? For our departments and programs? For academic quality, student experience, research and scholarship, service to the community and state?
* What are the extra responsibilities we and colleagues have already shouldered--without any additional compensation--as the student body and programs grew faster than long-term positions? How will those extra responsibilities be borne by even fewer people next year?
* What does the increased student/faculty ratio mean for class sizes and class offerings?

Welcome, too, are students and staff who want to share their stories of the impact of layoffs, FTE reductions, rising tuition and fees, and student body expansion.

Help us put together and publicize a fuller story of the academic and human consequences of President Fogel's budget-balancing approach--as we continue to urge him not to downsize education at UVM!

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