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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Executive Pay and Bonuses, Part 1

At yesterday's emergency rally to stop staff and faculty layoffs, UVM's interim vice president for finance and administration said that the administration does not know where United Academics (the faculty union) got its numbers about top-tier salary spending growing under Fogel from just over half a million dollars annually to nearly $7 million- just for the salaries of 38 top executives. But where the information comes from is UVM's own publicly available base salary data, reprinted below.

Salaries (not including medical school) at and above $150,000 2009:

Ballard,William Preston Associate Vice President $166,050
Johnson,Barbara L. Associate Vice President $153,750
Nestor,David A. Associate Vice President $152,986
Schultz,Michael W Associate Vice President $155,408
Winfield,George F. Associate Vice President $219,145
Carr,Frances Eileen VP Research & Grad Studies $235,092
Cate,Richard Interim VP for Fin&Admin $180,000
Corran,Robert Assoc VP & Director Athletics $179,375
Diamond,Marcus M. VP for Dev & Alumni Rel $261,375
McCabe,Christopher James Ast VP Athl Mrktg&BusnDvlp $151,337
Hughes,John M. Senior Vice Pres/Provost $232,336
Bazluke,Francine Vice Pres & Gen'l Counsel $189,432
Gustafson,Thomas James Vice Pres Stdnt&Cmpus Life $179,957
Lucier,Christopher H. Vice Pres for Enrollment Mgmnt $187,775
Meyer,Karen N. Vice Pres State&Fed Rlnts $152,978
DeWitt,Rocki-Lee Dean $223,900
Forcier,Lawrence K. Interim Dean $187,775
Goldberg,Joel Michael Associate Dean $151,842
Grasso,Domenico Dean $240,182
Johnson,Rachel K. Administrative Leave - Dean $180,330
Lantagne,Douglas Ovila Dean $162,049
Miller,Eleanor M. Dean $192,280
Miller,Fayneese S. Dean $193,356
Rambur,Betty A. Dean $177,094
Rizvi,Saiyid Abu Dean $158,000
Saule,Mara Rita Dean $175,351
Shirland,Larry Elwyn Associate Dean $155,736
Vayda,Michael E. Associate Dean $158,277
Vogelmann,Thomas C. Interim Dean $180,000
Heading-Grant,Wanda Renarda Associate Provost $150,329
Tarule,Jill Mattuck Associate Provost $168,527
Ashikaga,Takamaru Director $179,407
Chiarelli,Salvatore Director $150,000
Kelleher,Kathleen Ann Advancement Professional Sr $154,200
Lonergan,Michael Thomas Athletic Head Coach Sr $154,950
Sneddon,Kevin A. Athletic Head Coach Sr $157,400
Marshall,Jeffrey Scott Assoc Dean $160,697
Fogel, Daniel Mark President $322,563

Total Top Tier Salary Pool, 2008-09: $6,931,241


Salaries at/above $150,000, 2001-02:
Colodny, Edwin Irving, Interim President 170000
Bramley, Andrew John, Interim Provost, 165000
Degroot, Ian Willem, Interim VP for Dev & Alum, 150123
Shirland, Larry Elwyn, Interim Dean, 156420

Total Top Tier Salary Pool 2002: $641,543

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