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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Truth About UVM's Class Sizes--Confirmed

President Fogel now acknowledges that the table he presented to trustees last weekend, showing that small classes would only be minimally impacted by a downsized faculty, was flawed--the "0- to 11-seat" courses containing sections for independent studies, honors thesis, and internships plus Continuing Ed seats reserved in much larger classes. So, as common sense would tell us, it really is true: A downsized faculty and an upsized student body will result in more lecture hall classes at UVM - more than a third of classes, in fact.

Click on the table and charts to see them in full size:


  1. Is it just me or don't the numbers add up? How is it that only 16 positions have been eliminated (according to the official statement released today), out of a staff of hundreds when at least one tiny department of less than 20 alone lost two?

    What percentage has the student body grown, compared to the percentage growth of the staff, faculty, and executive positions?

  2. I wish I had the figures for staff growth (or lack of growth) relative to the student body increase in the past six years but do not. The student body has grown 30% under Fogel while long-term professor positions have only grown 14% and "part-time" faculty positions have grown 15%. In the same period, upper management (vice presidents, vice provosts) has grown more than sevenfold.


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